If your marriage is yet to be registered and confirmed in the Unified Marriage Data Bank, click "Marriage Registration" button.

***To register your marriage successfylly, do the followings:
  • ***Click the "Marriage Registration" button
  • ***Fill the Form that comes up appropriately, taking into consideration    your marriage type i.e (Customary Marriage, Islamic Marriage and     Marriage under the Act) and select the right one from the dropdown      button
  • ***Submit it and follow the instructions that come up.
  • NOTE: The registration Form is divided into two. The link to continue registration; filling the second Form (update) shall be opened upon the fulfilment of the instructions. Therefore, if you try submitting the Registration Form and it gives you "Unable to register this person or id already exist......", it means you have filled the first Form but yet to fulfill the instructions that will give you access to the second Form. Click "Registration Instructions" button.

    If you did not write down the bank details and instructions after submission of the Registration Form and would want to get them now for your marriage confirmation, click "Registration Instructions" button.
        Note: Your record will be suspended if discrepancies are detected without notice
    None refundable of admin charges apply